Achieve more.

Every Executive Director knows that continually improving your performance is critical to the future of your organization.

At the heart of your organization is your membership software platform acting as its hub, its core, its nucleus.

Ensure your organization's heart beats strongly by partnering with a technology solution that optimizes your performance and allows you to become a learning organization. A learning organization means that you continuously learn from every member interaction, growing not only your membership but your overall business.

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Purpose-built for the way associations, unions and non-profits work, iMIS is designed to meet your unique core membership needs with the flexibility to extend and grow, all with automatic continuous upgrades.

Membership, ✔ Fundraising, ✔ Accounting, ✔ Member Portals, ✔ Automation, ✔ Drag-and-Drop Reporting. The list goes on. Only iMIS eliminates expensive layers of customizations with native CRM, AMS, CMS and accounting functionality, plus a robust API to extend and configure your way.